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Why is a Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle Important? There are several lapses by police while investigating the crime scene and this is on account police are not being equipped with the right tools and kits. Such lapses could overcome by supply of fully equipped mini mobile forensic CSI vehicles or Micro Mini CSI vehicles to the districts and police stations across India. The Mobile Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle is to ensure that the investigation job is completed more professionally using the best equipments & kits that can help collect, store & examine the crime scene to the highest mark, which can help in finding the culprit and convicting them giving justice to the victim in the shortest time possible.

Law Enforcement agencies and other Security Agencies often have unique need to take their office and the tools on the road. We at Kwick Soft Solutions Private Limited deliver high quality specialized vehicle for many types of missions including: Crime Scene Investigation, Surveillance, Bomb Response, Forensics, etc.

We will design and deliver a custom solution tailored to your specifications. We focus on your vehicle needs so you can focus on the mission

Micro Mini which is 2 wheeler model to a basic 4 wheel drive to a SUV & Force Motors Traveller Van. The offered Mini & Micro CSI vehicles would reduce dependency of arrival of experts from the headquarters and saves time from waiting for experts to arrive by the evidences gets contaminated which is designed with the best & top of the art scientific kits, for crime scene technicians to conduct extensive evidence collection from the crime scene site, such as Rape case, Burglary, Murders of large causalities. MICRO MOBILE CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION 2 Wheeler Crime Scene Mobile Vehicle: ‘Kwick Soft Solutions Private Limited Co. Understands that at rural towns, & villages if there is a crime it is going to be difficult to go to the crime scene immediately considering the road conditions and place of site. So we have designed a Special 2 Wheeler with kits that can help the police seal the site and also have images of the crime scene so there is a digital proof of the site.

MINI MOBILE CRIME SCENE INVSETIGATION WITH SCIENTIFIC KITS SUV Mobile consist of the special top of the line scientific kits, which can be used for evidence collection and at the same time digitizing the crime scene so that nothing gets tampered during the investigation. The SUV is equipped with all scientific kits, & packaging equipment’s to secure and store the evidences to take back to the lab for further investigation. With documentation done at the site.

MACRO MOBILE CRIME SCENE LABORATRY A Total Solutions to any case with the help of our Macro Mobile Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory Vehicle, which are equipped with the top of the line, scientific kits, equipment’s, Computer systems, CCTV for surveillance High Speed internet and a built up counter for work with ample space to move inside the vehicle. Our Macro Mobile also consist of Fridge since at time the investigation is also a night long session to collect the evidences and store. Our Macro Mobile is a lab in all departments in regards to a crime scene

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