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Proteng Automatic Gas Fire extinguishing system

Revolutionary New - automatic gas fire extinguishing system designed for installation in the engine compartment of cars and other motor equipment.

The revolutionary automatic gas fire extinguishing system used to protect enclosed spaces in engines of cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles and machinery.
Today, we see many cars and motor vehicles bursting into flames on roads. This is not only caused by direct collisions or accidents with strong impact, but often simply by the deteriorating technical state of the cars engines. The PROTENG ENGINE system is a unique automatic extinguishing system that guarantees protection from fires before they spread. Typically, when a fire sparks in a motor vehicle, the passengers are either in direct danger (they are stuck in the vehicle) or they are in shock, causing them to panic and act unrationally (they may not be able to operate, or even find a fire extinguisher in time, they may open the motor area causing the fire to spread further, and it all takes too long). PROTENG ENGINE is installed inside fo the motor area and extinguishes fires on tis own. It´s fully automatic system, not dependent on energy, maintenance, or anything else, protecting you 24 hours a day, not only while driving but when parking as well. A big advantage of this system is also its easy and flexible installation.

Incredibly simple principle 
Extremely easy and flexible installation, you can do each and every step on your own
Reliably and effectively extinguishes the fire in its befinning stage
Self-triggering device without the need of any operator
Secondary effects do not exist
Its chemical composition does not endager the health
After activationg and extiguishing the fire, the compound evaporates with no trace and will not damage electronic components
The system does not require any maintenance or periodic inspection
Immediate fire extinguishinf
Cooling the space (boiling point extinguishing -18°C)
Quantity of extingushing agent – 0,5 kg
No corrosice effect on metal, destructive effects on plastic or damage to electrical equipment
There is no risk to the vehicle crew´s health (MSDS chemicals included)
After extinguishing fire the FM200 evaporates and there remains no residue of extinguishing agent

Technical parameters:
Weight PROTENG ENGINE 800 gr
Extinguishing compound weight 500g FM200 (Heptafluorpropan)
Material of detection tubing Polyamid
Dimension of tube lenght 210 cm / diameter 18 mm
Natural vapor pressure at 20°C 5 bar
Natural vapor pressure at 100°C 15 bar

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