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Kwick Soft is focused on modernization of Police Departments involved in crime scene investigations and specialises in evidence identification, collection, digitization using scientific kits and user friendly handheld devices. Supply of fully equipped Micro Mini Mobile C.S.I units and Mini Mobile C.S.I. vehicles, setting up of “Centre for Excellence” at Police Training Institutes and to adopt best practices in total evidence management. We also offer upgradation of Forensic Science Labs, Fingerprint Bureau, Digital Forensics (Cyber Crime), DNA Labs.



Standardization, Strengthening and Synergizing Law Enforcement with justice delivery system. To minimize the time period to conclude a court case from existing over 15 years to the shortest possible time.

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Our Vision is to equip all A grade Police Station across India, all districts to be ready with basic investigations products and to provide authenticated test reports of evidences. To create smart police stations. To provide job opportunities to young graduates from forensic background who could perform a professional crime scene investigation. To equip the state Forensic Science Laboratory, upgrade Fingerprint Bureau, Cyber/Digital Forensic Labs, DNA labs with qualified lab technicians and enable to submit test reports of all evidences within the stipulated time.

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To create awareness on the latest technologies that could be used during crime scene investigation at Ministry of Home Affairs, Nodal Agencies of MHA like BPR&D, DFSS, NCRB and at State Police Headquarters by equipping them the trial court may logically conclude the case and convict the criminal within the shortest possible time after the starting of the trial.

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Mr. Shammer Shah

Founder and Managing Director


Kwick Soft is headed by Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Shammer Shah, who has keen business acumen and is instrumental in driving the company forward into multiple verticals. Kwick Soft has excellent goodwill and reputation across the country as supplier of quality Crime Scene Investigation Products and Solutions, creating awareness at All India level visiting each and every state of the country and demonstrating the products and innovating techniques in evidence management system. Mr. Shammer Shah, is ably assisted by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ashok Hinduja, whose deep knowledge of the software has helped the company to grow by leaps and bounds. Kwick Soft has its sales and marketing team and offices in major states in the country catering to almost all the 36 states


The Company

With over Five decades of experience in Manufacturing of Consumer and Industrial Electronics specializing in Transformers, Voltage Stabilizers and various Power Supplies have started Kwick Soft Solutions Private Limited in 2005 as new entity focussed on Total Evidence Management and Law Enforcement related Products and Solutions offering World Class Technologies at All India Level.

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